• Partnership with Japanese distribution giant brings significant sales and distribution channel to thermal management specialists
  • Inabata on track to bring Nanotherm’s unique thermal management solution to a wide range of global markets

Cambridge Nanotherm, producer of innovative Nanoceramic thermal management technology for LEDs and electronics, today announces a partnership with Japanese sales and distribution giant Inabata. The partnership adds a global sales and distribution arm to the UK-based company. The agreement gives Inabata worldwide sales and distribution rights for Cambridge Nanotherm’s thermal management solutions across key territories.

Cambridge Nanotherm’s thermal management technology is already in production stage with many of the top LED manufacturing companies and now the company is looking to use Inabata’s global network to both consolidate existing relationships and open up new markets and new applications. The partnership with Inabata provides Nanotherm access to an exceptionally qualified sales and distribution team with extraordinary reach and an unrivalled reputation in the marketplace.

Inabata is a major player in the world of electronics distribution, with more than 60 offices in 19 countries and around 3,500 employees globally. Inabata’s three ‘Information and Electronics’ divisions provide everything from displays, imaging and clean energy solutions, to Li-Ion batteries, general semiconductors, and raw semiconductor processing materials. Overall the IT & Electronics division represents approximately 38% of Inabata’s revenue.

“We’re delighted to be working with Inabata to open up new markets for our innovative thermal management solutions,” commented Mike Edwards, sales director at Cambridge Nanotherm. “Inabata’s focus on servicing the supply chain of the top electronics manufacturers, and their expertise in the information and electronics arena, make them a perfect match for Nanotherm. What’s more, while Inabata’s ability to execute globally played a key role in our selection process, that they are headquartered in Japan aligns closely with one of our main strategic markets.”

“Inabata’s agreement to sell Nanotherm’s products is a clear vindication of the enormous market potential of Nanotherm’s thermal management solutions. Both Nanotherm and its customers stand to benefit from Inabata’s considerable sales and distribution network, expertise, and the access this will give Nanotherm to its key markets worldwide.”

Toshihiro Matsuo, manager at Inabata, commented: “A partnership between Cambridge Nanotherm and Inabata is exactly what this rapidly growing market needs right now and near future. Cambridge Nanotherm’s unique products address several major shortcomings of existing thermal management solutions and can play a role in helping to shape the future of the industry. The potential for Cambridge Nanotherm in global markets is huge, and we look forward to realising the potential of this innovative technology.”